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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The New Site!

As with everything in life, change is an essential part. The old site was costly and with Steve deciding to partially retire and phase out the boarding, we decided to change things up a little and just go to a blog.

We will miss all of our regular boarding customers but Steve turned 62 on April 18th and has decided that he is too old to work at many hours as he has been. Deciding to eliminate the boarding was a very difficult decision for us but it is something we had to do. The boarding bunkhouse and business is for sale and we are hoping that someone will choose to re-open the business in the area as there is a need for it.

Grooming and the Boutique are business as usual. Steve loves his grooming customers and with new customers every week the choice to continue grooming was an easy one for Steve. This will also allow him to close up and 5 p.m. and go fishing and have some true days off to enjoy himself.

We hope that all of our boarding customers will stop in to visit us this summer. If you have an boarding appointment scheduled after June 1st, please contact us for further information.